Welcome to Orchard Fabrics Ltd

Orchard Fabrics Ltd was founded in 1985 and acquired by the present directors Pamela and Keith Humphreys in 1996. In recent years the business has shown dramatic development in the following areas: -

Timney Fowler

Timney Fowler became a trading name of Orchard Fabrics in 2005. The instantly recognisable collection of neo-classical designs is distributed throughout the world. For more information please visit www.timney-fowler.co.uk.

Warehouse and Distribution

The fabric industry is comprised of a few 'GIANTS' with many more very successful smaller companies. Some of these examined the cost of operating their own warehouse and concluded that outsourcing was the best solution. This is the role fulfilled by Orchard Fabrics.

We have been servicing distribution clients for the last 10 years. During this time Orchard has developed special skills and systems specifically tailored to our loyal client base.

New enquiries are welcome, please contact keith.orchard@btconnect.com.